Other references

Faculty of Dentistry - Skopje

Lotus Domino solution for electronic register
- module for registration of clients-legal entities and individuals
-module for scanning documents

Alov AD

Lotus Domino Application for Financial and Material Management - a business application that covers the financial operations of the institution. solution for recording projects and tasks

The Green Party DOM

Lotus Domino application for registration of members

Dermatological-aesthetic office

Lotus Domino application for patient records and patient examinations
-Lotus Domino solution for client records


Lotus Domino Server for Internal and External Communication (e-mail-in Macedonian)
-Application for Archival Operations - TGS Directory
-Application for Archival Operations - Solsee Directory
-Application for Archival Operations - Hydro power directory

Koplast - Skopje

Financial and Material Management Application - a business application that covers financial operations

SEF Limited Liability Company

Complete information system for internal work that includes monitoring of production and work orders.
-Production - module for monitoring the activities in the company followed by work orders and requirements.
-Commerce - module for monitoring the accompanying documentation , proforma invoices, invoices, statements, offers, requests, etc.
-Warehouse - module for monitoring the items - positions in the warehouse, import and export of certain quantities.

Bis Engineering

A system of applications that provide complete insight for the management structures in the company. This complex of applications includes:
-monitoring of all documents that are created in a company (offers, proforma invoices, invoices, orders, ....)
-monitoring of information about the clients with which the firm cooperates and with a complete insight into the overall correspondence (fax, telephone conversation, meetings, letters, ....).
-monitoring of service requests and their timely execution (with appropriate automatic notification of the management structures in the company) < br /> - monitoring of tasks and activities related to major projects on which the company is working with appropriate automatic reporting of the management structures in the company) application for monitoring of human resources and monitoring of fixed assets in the company.

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