Complete solutions in the part of Meteo equipment

We are partners and official agents for Campbell Scientific equipment.

  • Procurement, installation, commissioning of 21 Automatic hydrometeorological stations – with the possibility of measuring pressure, temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, monitoring of water level (up to 55 million) evaporation, leaf humidity, humidity of soil, solar radiation, rain, snow cover height,
  • Procurement, installation, commissioning of a wind generator and 175W solar panel
  • Establishment of continuous power supply for AWS, gel batteries for wind generator with a capacity of 150W at 12.5 m / sec, and 175W photovoltaic panel.
  • Continuous registration of meteorological parameters and data transfer to the server in the National Hydrological and Meteorological Service in certain time periods via GPRS.
  • Provided possibility for data collection from AWS (Automatic Weather Station) and regular data transfer.
  • Provided service for monitoring and tuning of the GPRS modem via SMS

Installation of software for data collection, archiving and visualization that can form a database, the ability to define the thresholds for primary control and automatic control, the ability to work with real-time data and data archive; ability to correct data and re-attach it to the database.

  • Transmission of data from the discharge sensor to the specified server.
  • Appropriate training for complete equipment, tools and software for further own use and management of complete equipment.
  • Meteorological sensors for automatic meteorological stations for hydrological and meteorological services
  • Program for annual monitoring of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of waters, spare parts for AWS, Meteorological stations and Radars
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