Financial Accounting Application

Key features and benefits

• The financial accounting application covers all the necessary functions for updating financial orders.
• The application enables user settings of the account and controls when entering data
• The application allows you to create templates for posting.
• The application provides all the necessary reviews and tracking of costs and revenue by location
• The application enables automatic posting of the created template
– the user defines the fields he enters and how the distribution is performed
– on which accounts the values from these fields are written.
• The application enables automatic posting of recorded entries from the other modules of the complete bookkeeping application:
– from fixed assets
– from material bookkeeping
– from treasury operations
• The application provides a number of reviews that show the current balance sheet and the state of the company, customer reviews, etc.

System functionalities:

• Account records
• Location records (cost / revenue points)
• Records of document types
• Easy posting of financial order with many auxiliary functionalities
• Print an order
• Review of orders
• Annual initialization
• Analytical and synthetic cards
• Customer and location cards
• Synthetic and analytical balances
• Gross balance sheets
• Gross balance with initial balances
• Lock sheet
• Lock sheet with initial balances
• Tax return review
• Document searches by different criteria
• Ciphers
• User management
– dynamic addition and subtraction of user functions

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