Application for technical inspection of vehicles and homologation

Key features and benefits

• The application for the technical inspection of vehicles covers all functions for normal operation of a vehicle technical inspection station.
• The application is made by law for vehicles that is valid in the Republic of Macedonia
• The application uses up to date fee code tables for all price duties related to the technical inspection of the vehicle.
• The application keeps a record of all payments in cash, by transfer and invoice.
• The application is a web solution developed in the latest Microsoft.NET technology. Data provided high reliability and easy upgrading with new functionalities.
• The application can very simply be related to the application for financial operations made by us, so you get automatic entry for cash and
invoice payments recorded in the system for technical examination.
• The application can be customized to connect to instruments underlying the technical accuracy of the vehicle.

System functionalities:

• Issuing green registration document
• Issuing blue registration document
• Issuing white registration document
• Automatic calculation of vehicle registration costs
• Creating installment payment agreements with firms
• Issuing invoices for the customer
• Issuing invoices installments
• Issuing fiscal bills
• Printing notices of expiration of registration
• Code tables:
 – Vehicle brands
 – Colors
 – Assignations
 – Forms
 – Places
 – Municipalities
• Issuing homologation document
• Printing traffic licenses (logs)
• Restrictions for registrations from Ministry of Internal Affairs
• Issuing license for vehicle in other property
• Issuing international vehicle license
• Issuing confirmation for technical-exploitation conditions
• Issuing request and confirmation for temp registration number
• Statistical reports
• Different previews for all issued documents
• User management:
– Adding user functions
– Subtra

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