Application for Pedagogical records of students

Key features and benefits

• The application for pedagogical records of students covers all the functions necessary for keeping pedagogical records of students.
• The application is made according to the Law on Secondary Education.
• The application keeps records for regular, part-time, transferred, enrolled, expelled students.
• All necessary examinations and reports are provided for making analysis after each quarter of the school year.
• Printing documents:
certificate, general ledger, final general ledger, translator.
• Each document can be printed bilingually (Macedonian / Albanian).
• High data security and easy upgrades with new functionalities are provided.
• Automatic connection to other applications – student enrollment, archive, staff.

System functionalities:

• Integrated system with three basic modules
• Regular students
• Part-time students
• Reports
• Complete records of students during schooling.
• Setting up classes, changing classes, sorting students by number in a diary
• User setup of professions, occupations, profiles.
• Records of each student’s general data and parent data.
• Records of grades for each quarter (I quarter, I semester, III quarter, end of the school year, end of the school year).
• Records for taking the State Matura or Final Exam.
• Examinations of students sorted by class, profession, profile, language of instruction, foreign language, grade point average, absences.
• Printing letters and envelopes – invitation to parents.
• Possibility to print a certificate for a regular student.
• Ability to print student lists in various formats.
• Ability to print record sheets.
• Reviews of the number of students in the language of instruction, occupation within a class, year.
• Printing documents
 –  Certificates
 – Diplomas
 – General books
 – Translators
• Student success reviews for each quarter of the year
• Statistical reports on success and average by class, by profession, by individual subjects, by professors.• Reviews of the number of students in the language of instruction, occupation within a class, year.

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