Application for insurance brokerage companies

Key features and benefits

• The integrated system for supporting the operation of insurance brokerage companies includes all the functions necessary for normal daily work:
• Completed codes for all classes and subclasses of insurance, insurance companies, banks, municipalities and settlements
• Flexible and easy management of contracts with insurance companies in terms of brokerage for each subclass, policy records (non-life), grouped by insurance class and subclass
• Detailed entry of the policy with all data on it which are dynamically generated depending on the insurance subclass.
• Web-based solution made in Microsoft.NET technology.
• High data security and easy upgrade with new functionalities are provided.
• Possible simple connection with the application for financial operations made by us and thus you get automatic posting of the recorded cash and invoice payments.

System functionalities:

• Records of policies for all classes and subclasses
• Records of payment of policies and direct payments to Insurance Companies
• Strict records
• Debts to insurance companies
• Record invoices and transfer premium
• Preparation of outgoing invoices for brokerage
• Complete monitoring of incoming and outgoing invoices
• Statistical and managerial reports
• Reports according to ISA requirements (OBD4)

Additional functionalities:

 Fees for marketing agents
Issuance of documents for authorization of clients
• Records of bids and quotations
• Recording of compensations
• Generate correspondence without incoming invoices for premium transfer
• User management
• Ability to attach files (scanned
• Easy connection to vehicle inspection system
• Easy connection to other systems (ERP)
• Easy integration with NBO for automatic policy download

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