Salary Records application

Key features and benefits

• The salary application covers all the functionalities needed for calculation and payment of salary.
• The application keeps records of all potential candidates, employees and people who have completed the employment grouped in different categories
• The application enables automatic calculation of salary for all employees
• The application enables automatic calculation of the amount of sick leave at the expense of a company and social sick leave
• The application provides records and calculation of the amount of additional work
• Automatic connection to the PRO software
• The application provides all the necessary examinations and reports (F1, M4, sick leave examinations, etc.)
• The application enables user settings of the monthly salary parameters
• Easy data update by the user
• Integration with treasury module

System functionalities:

• Integrated system with three basic modules
 – Human resources
 – Salary
 – Clients who are in accordance with the legal regulations of the Republic of Macedonia.
• Records of employees and complete monitoring from the moment of application to termination of employment
• Opportunity for employees to register and log out
• Defining the salary through gross points (basic points, fund of classes, class leadership, mentoring, trainee, classes above fund, etc.)
• A simple way to define monthly salary calculation parameters
• Automatic salary calculation for all employees and individually for each employee
• Automatic calculation of percentage and amount for past work
• Possibility to define absences
 – Sick leave
 – Social illness
 – Paid leave
 – Unpaid leave
• Possibility to define overtime work Automatic deduction of reservations
• Automatic file generation and automatic connection to the PRO software
• Automatic generation of PIT MP forms
• Automatic F1 report generation (Cyrillic and Latin version)
• Lists:
• Payroll
• Free list
• List by banks
• Sickness list
• M4
• Report on each type of deduction (union, transport, jsp, insurance, etc ..)
• Personal tax list
• Vault integration (automatic creation of electronic file for firms and printed specification)
• Salary correction
• Annual Tax Return
• Generate solutions for employees
• Monthly statistics data
• Payment and records of other payments on various grounds

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