IT Security

Complete solutions in the field of IT security

A breach of security can lead to a large loss of funds as well as damage to the reputation of your business. Surrounded by constant threats, you need security solutions that are dynamic, responsible, adaptable and that will intelligently locate and neutralize all potential security threats.

An unsuccessful and improperly designed security system is almost as ineffective as not having one. Therefore, security systems need to be regularly reviewed and changed as your business needs change. We are ready to help you assess your current level of security and implement state-of-the-art security solutions in order to strengthen the overall defense against threats and attacks, to address potential data loss and to maintain a high level of productivity.

Our IT security team has the necessary knowledge and certifications from leading manufacturers of security solutions that include:

  • Corporate antivirus solutions
  • Advanced perimeter protection for the entire infrastructure
  • Protection for email collaboration systems
  • Log management
  • Patch management
  • Advanced monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure
  • System vulnerability management
  • Data backup solutions and complete systems
  • Centralized IT environment management systems.
  • Solutions for secure Wireless networks
  • Multi Factor Authentication Solutions

These solutions are designed to fully protect your systems and data from most threats, attacks and abuses.

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