Business Application (DMS)

Key features and benefits

• Integrated system that covers multiple modules. Each of modules can functions as an independent application. This architecture allows customization of the application in accordance with your needs.
• Your daily work is automated.
• Fast and easy access to all information necessary for Your work.
• Integration
• Central management
• Easy to use
• Up-to-date information
• Connecting to systems of business environment
• Protection system
• Flexibility
• Easy and simple data retrieval
• Compact overview of documents not only from current, but also from previous years.

System functionalities:

• Integrated system with two basic modules
• Patient file
• Review file
• Reports
• User setup types of views, profiles.
• Simply enter a new patient / file
• Easy patient navigation:
sorted by Year, by Patient, by Doctor, by Gender
• Monitoring patients’ records and their examinations
• Access control for each document type (reading, deleting and modifying documents)
• Monitoring patients’ history and their examinations
• Easily schedule a new review via calendar
• Making a diagnosis, therapy and advice for a specific examination


• Archival work
– Internal register
– Main register
– Internal delivery book
– Delivery book for the place
– Delivery book for mail
– Reverse book
– Inventory of acts
– Book of invoices
– Integration with scanning module
– Integration with client module

• Financial operations
Creating specific types of documents:
– Outgoing invoices (Denar / foreign currency)
– Invoices (Denar / foreign currency)
– Projects
– Offers
– Orders
– Excerpts
– Incoming documents / Correspondence
– Incoming invoices
– Integration with client module
• Templates
– Creating different types of templates according to the needs of the user
– Customization of the template by the end user
– Division of templates by procedures

• Personal records
– Recording employee data
– Examinations in various modalities
– Additional records (participation in projects, attended trainings and seminars, assessment of the quality of work, annual leave records, leave requests)
– Integration with e-mail
Additionally modules can be integrated for
• Projects and Tasks
• Price list
• Service requests
• ISO procedures
• Internal documentation

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