Design, construction and maintenance of telecommunication solutions

We are partners and official representatives for telecommunication equipment Slican

Design, construction and maintenance of telephone systems – Vendor Slican, NET and other brands:

  • Analog, digital, Hybrid phone and IP phone systems

Design, construction and maintenance of radio systems

  • GSM / GPRS systems
  • TETRA systems
  • Radio systems of high frequencies – Vendor SAF
  • Trunking conventional analog and digital radio systems at very high and ultra high frequency
  • сRadio relay (LOS) systems
  • Systems Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g)
  • WiMAX systems
  • Industrial Communication Systems

Design, construction and maintenance of satellite systems for voice, data and video communication


NET’s Voice Exchange (VX) Series is the industry’s first fully-integrated multi-service voice switch with Any-to-Any gateway functionality, creating a next-generation solution for enterprise VoIP enablement.



Because of market interest for high tech communications systems, serving hundreds of users, Slican brings in modern communication server MAC-6400.