Slican Phones

Slican analog phones

Slican XL-209Classic analog phone for office and home. Excellent product for companies looking for a reliable and robust phone. Quick and friendly service, will allow you to use your phone in company regardless of industry and jobs – wherever the phone is used very intensively, doing just a lot of calls every day. With its classic features Slican XL-209 is also ideally suited as a phone designed for home users.
Slican XL-2023IDAnalog phone dedicated to all Slican PBXes. Unlike other manufacturers phones XL-2023 ID does not require batteries! It is modern phone, equipped with LCD display, phone book and loudspeaker. Due to attractive price and its functionality it is very popular phone in many offices, hotels and institutions.

Slican digital system phones

Slican CTS-102Slican CTS-102 system phone is dedicated to cooperation with Slican servers. Due to its parameters it assures easy maintenance as access to advanced PBX services.
Slican CTS-202.CLDigital system phone with “hands free” function, legible, big LCD display. Dedicated to cooperation with Slican servers. It has 12 highlighted, freely programmable functional keys. Intuitive and easy menu assures great comfort and efficiency of work with PABX. It cooperates with Slican CTS-232 consoles. Accessible in grey (CTS-202.CL-GR) or black (CTS-202.CL-BK) colour.  
Slican CTS-330.CLSlican CTS-330.CL is system phone which require sophisticated phone system and effective call and contact managing. It is equipped in high quality color, touch screen which ensure perfect visibility in different lighting conditions. Phone can be used immediately after switching it on, without complicated and time consuming configuration

Slican IP system phones

Slican CTS-102.IPSlican CTS-102.IP system phone is an affordable IP phone system which may be reach in features alternative to ordinary SIP phones. You may put it on directly in company LAN network – everywhere where installed are Slican servers or connect it just via Internet network. It serves al services characteristic for system phones.
Slican CTS-203.IPSlican CTS 203.IP phone is assigned for VoIP voice connection in computer network. PBX user, equiped with CTS-203.IP system phone, can use it both in LAN company network, where Slican server is installed and from any place in world only if Internet connection with appropriate parameters is available in this location. Functions and possibilities of CTS-203.IP are the same as for standard Slican CTS-202 series phones.  
Slican CTS-330.IPSlican CTS-330.IP is system phone for users who require sophisticated phone system and effective call and contact managing. Phone can be used immediately after switching it on, without complicated and time consuming configuration.

Slican SIP Phones

Slican VPS-310PSlican VSP-310P is universal phone for corporate and private customers. This phone operates with all Slican servers. It is possible to connect this phone directly to the Internet. Due to rich functionality and simple instalation and maintenance this phone is perfect tool for work and private use.
Slican VPS-2000PSlican VPS-2000P is sophisticated, multiline IP phone, perfectly suited for needs of corporate employee. Multiline display simplify access to contacts and wide range of communication functions. Large number of operation buttons improves using phone during everyday work and enables to effective using of available network resources.