Slican Solution

Invenio Infolines, API Infolines and Pathfinder

Invenio InfolinesSlican INVENIO infoline is friendly and elastic. For people calling company or office it means that every one quickly obtain connection with specified extension number or route to another extension number dedicated to solve customer problem. We may create up to 99 infolines and connect them, creating wide announcements systems. API Infolines Newest Slican API Infolines allow to integrate the data sent to the Slican server with data from an external database. The combination of information from those two sources allows fuller use of available data from external applications such as CRM. It automates business or administration processes, freeing your employees and accelerating customer service. PathfinderPATHFINDER was created to increase comfort of customers who dial company number. System register call route and due to this registration is able to call back to extension number from which outgoing call was realized. If person from company dial to customer and call canot be answered, when customer call back this missed call Slican PBX automatically route this call to the extension number of person who lastly dialed this number.

GSM as SIP account and MobilePhone

GSM as SIP accountWorking away from desk is slowly becoming not only a domain of trade offices employees. More and more often other workers must be available away from their offices. Now, due to LAN network you can provide a convenient tool for voice communications while reducing costs of communications.
Mobile and wireless IP connectivity using a GSM phone is mVoIP!
MobilePhone Slican MobilePhone is a service that allows using GSM or private phone as an extension connected to companies PBX. It increases workers mobility and efficiency of using communication sources at every organization.

Slican PBXes linking, TAPI phone and mailbox integration, Smart company

Slican PBXes linkingPBX linking improves organizational efficiency and is cheaper than maintaining of separate devices. In today’s world organizational or geographical boundaries, do not constitute any obstacles to business. TAPI phone and mailbox integration Slican joined the group of manufacturers offering PBXes supporting MS Outlook application. The connection is made using Slican TAPI protocol. With this integration from now on you can benefit from unified communications, connecting phone and email contacts. Smart companyDue to years of experience in the telecommunications market, as well as openness to new ideas emerging in other industries, we can now deliver solutions that coincide with the solutions used in “intelligent buildings