Meteorological Equipment

Design, construction, procurement, installation, commissioning and mainte- nance of Hydro meteorological systems and solutions:

We are partners and official representatives for Campbell Scientific

  •  procurement, installation, commissioning of Automatic Hydro-Meteorological Station – Besides pressure, air temperature and humidity, wind speed and di- rection, it monitors water level (up to 55m) and lake evaporation
  • procurement, installation, commissioning of Wind generator and 175W solar panel
  • Establishment of continuous power supply for AWS, gel batteries charged by wind generator with capacity of 150W at 12.5 m/sec, and 175W photovoltaic panel.
  • Continuous registration of meteorological parameters and transfer data to the server at the National Hydrological and Meteorological Services in the defined time periods via GPRS data network.
  • Providing an opportunity for collecting data out of the AMS regular terms of transfer.
  • Providing an opportunity to monitor and program the GPRS modem via SMS.
  • Enabling the software to receive, archive and visualize data; software able to form a database; possibility for defining thresholds for primary control auto- matic control received; opportunity to work with data in real time and archive data; opportunity to correct the data and reload them in the database;
  • Transfer of data from the sensor for electrical discharges to the specified server.
  • Appropriate training for the complete equipment, instruments and software for further own use and management for the complete equipment.
  • Meteorological sensors for automatic meteorological stations for the Hydro- logical and Meteorological Services Program for annual monitoring of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the waters
  • spare parts and instruments for AWS, climatological stations, meteorological radars.