Company Profile

Company Name: SIMT dooel export -import

General Information

- Address: Helsinki 27 (registration address)
Partizanski odredi br.149 Mezzanine 2 (office location)
- Tel: +389 2 3069 591
- Fax: +389 2 3069 592
- E-Mail:
- Established (year): 1994
- Ownership: Private (Macedonian owned company)
- Contact

Field of expertise:

- Design, development, implementation and maintenance of complete software solutions Specialized in Document management, Case management, automated form processing, Business Process Management, CRM, HRM, ERP for SMB,
- deep knowledge of various technology, platform and RDBMS (.NET, J2EE, XAMPP, MS SQL, IBM Domino, My SQL, Postgre, Informix, DB2)
- Design, implementation and maintenance of complex ICT infrastructure project such as WAN/LAN systems, Servers, Storage, security appliances (firewall, Antivirus, spam filtering, WEB content filtering, etc)

Value Proposition:

- Flexible and agile team of developers, system and DB admin’s, with deep knowledge of modern technology guided by experienced management and working closely together with our customer in order to deliver final SW product and/or services with high quality
- Established strong collaboration and cooperation with University (educational) community and group of predefined partners capable for fast and efficient organizing joint teams , in order to fulfill our customer specific needs for complex projects (bigger teams, specific knowledge in some areas, etc)
Field of interest: We are interested in establishing new business contact and partners to collaborate together on the project, subcontracting; outsource SW and services (design, system architecture, development, implementation, etc.)

Company Activities:

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of information systems
  • Information Engineering
  • Design and implementation of complete information systems
  • Design, construction and maintenance of computer networks
  • Design and performance of security systems


Design, construction and maintenance of energy solutions:

  • UPS from the production program of GE  (General Electric Digital Energy) ranging from 350VA to 4MVA
  • UPS from the production program NeWave ranging from 350VA to 4MVA
  • Wide range of battery banks
  • petrol and diesel generators and cognitive systems
  • containers specially designed for independent long-term work at inaccessible locations with possibility of remote following of the status of the system ( aimed primarily for telecommunication systems)
  • over-voltage protection
  • energy cables
  • photovoltaic systems (solar energy)