ERP Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

ERP solution for small and medium businesses which integrates all internal and external management information, in order to organize and ease the flow of information between all functions inside the organization.

The solution contains the following modules:

  • Commercial module – for tracking different documents including:
    • Request for quotation
    • Quotation
    • Pro-forma Invoice
    • Invoice
    • Other financial and non financial related documents
  • Financial and material accounting, salary accounting, principal medium, personal records,
  • Customer tracking module with option to track all contact with client (e-mail, tel.num./fax, meetings ..)
  • Tracking of every-day activities of the employees in the company (and status of the activities).
  • Service tracking module for HW/SW services
  • Tracking of complex project and tasks
  • HR module
  • DMS module for project management
  • Electronic Archive module integrated with scan system
  • Library module
  • Technical notes module
  • Cash desk module
  • Assets accounting