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All large organizations have traditional security solutions installed for protecting their network. By having so, they may be protected from massive malware attacks but they can still be vulnerable to zero-day malware threats or targeted attacks.

In fact, the effects of malware attacks in large organizations have risen to 2.2% of their annual revenues in 2007. In many cases, malware attacks take up network resources or shut down computers, causing an important lost of productivity. But in many other cases organizations can face more silent threats such as targeted attacks that can go unnoticed by signature-based traditional security solutions. Antivirus companies that continue to protect their clients with the traditional model are unable to offer complete protection due to the exponential growth in malware creation.

Large organizations need complete solutions that allow them to manage risk situations with proactive and preventive methods. Due to the existing malware scenario, organizations need to adapt their security policies to comply with regulation requirements and become trusted.

Network security strategies are increasingly becoming a part of the business as they may prevent it from losing revenue. A correct security strategy can increase business profits by reducing risks.


Panda Security for Business


Almost all small and medium-sized business organizations have some kind of security solution installed for protection reasons. Most of these organizations feel protected just for having an antivirus installed. However, the reality is that a very high percentage is still infected by malware.

Although it may seem that these infections are not harmful for businesses, according to Gartner almost half of small and medium-sized businesses have to close Internet access due to external malware attacks, causing crippling revenue loss.

This means that traditional protections are not enough for meeting security needs. Malware is now designed specifically to go unnoticed. It is much more complex and varied, and in many cases, it is tailored to achieve specific objectives.


GDP 9000


Panda GateDefender Performa is a high performance and complete SCM appliance that proactively protects the corporate network, against all content based threats, integrating seamlessly in your network architecture.

Panda GateDefender Performa takes less than 20 minutes to install and does not require traffic to be redirected or other network components to be reconfigured. The configuration can be done off-line and then be connected to the network. In addition it does not need maintenance after install.

It’s better to stop malware threats at the perimeter and dedicate server and workstation resources to productive purposes. But there are other indirect ways to infect the network like through CD/DVD, pendrives, roaming laptops, guest users, etc. A perimeter protection optimizes the internal protections efficiency as they don’t have to dedicate resources to cleaning malware infections, but it’s not a replacement.


Managed Office Protection


Antivirus products require too much time and effort for small and medium sized companies

SMBs fully understand that they face the same risks and regulations as large organizations. The increasing number of threats makes their protection requirements more complex. In many cases, their limited resources are not enough for accomplishing high level security.

SMBs organizations have to invest in additional hardware and supporting software
licenses as well as security skilled personnel who are not focused on their core business.

Panda Managed Office Protection is specially designed for organizations that do not want to deal with these hassles.