FortiCare Support Services

Fortinet is committed to your complete satisfaction. Through our regional Technical Assistance Centers and partners worldwide, Fortinet provides remedial support during the operate phase of your Fortinet product’s deployment life cycle. Our Certified Support Partners provide first level technical assistance to Fortinet customers, while the regional TACs solve complex technical issues which our partners are unable to resolve.

Fortinet Customer Support Services also provide:

FortiCare Technical Account Management Services – An ongoing dedicated single point of contact within Fortinet engineering and support to deliver specific customer advocacy.

FortiCare Professional Services – On-demand design, integration and optimization consulting skills and resources for specific customer projects or engagements


You must register your products and services as a prerequisite to receiving technical support. If you fail to register, you will experience delays in opening support requests.

Your Fortinet products and services may be registered by your support partner on your behalf or you may register directly through the Product Registration link.

Contacting Support

You should contact your Fortinet Certified Support Partner to provide initial support, unless you have a direct support agreement in place with the Fortinet TAC. The Fortinet TAC provides support through your support partner. We will only provide end-user support when the partner is unable to resolve the reported problem.

To access Fortinet TAC contact information please log in by entering your username and password to the right of this page.

Knowledge Center

The Fortinet Knowledge Center (KC) portal provides access to consolidated product and service information including documentation, technical ‘tips’, known issues, product release notes and updates. This portal is constantly updated to provide current, effective solutions to common problems and deployment scenarios. The Knowledge Center should always be your first resort in resolving Fortinet technical issues.

Verify Support Status

You can verify your support status by logging into our Customer Support Center under “Support Login”. To login, you’ll need the username and password that were emailed to you after you registered your Fortinet product. Your username is the email address that you supplied during registration. If you’ve forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your Password” and you’ll be prompted with the security question that you supplied when you registered. A new password will be emailed to you after you answer this question correctly.

The support status page shows the type of support coverage that you’ve purchased for each FortiGate Unit (by serial number) and also shows the expiration dates for your hardware and firmware coverage and your Antivirus and NIDS update subscriptions.

Download Virus and Attack Updates

If you need to manually upload new virus and attack definition databases, download the latest updates by logging in under “Support Login”. If you have not yet registered should first register their FortiGate units by clicking here. Immediately after registering, you will be sent an email with your username and password and will have access to the downloads.