A true testament to enduring technology, Promina’s reliability and rich feature set continue to drive and expand government, enterprise, and service provider networks worldwide.

The NET Promina® multiservice access platform provides an adaptive and reliable foundation on which to build wide area enterprise networks (WAN) or interface to a broad range of carrier services. The Promina multi-service access platform portfolio consists of the Promina800, Promina400, Promina200, Promina100 and ProminaBBS systems.

The Promina Broadband Access Shelf (BBS) portfolio consists of the BBS 5000 and BBS 10000 systems for aggregating legacy traffic over IP/MPLS backbones.



NET’s Voice Exchange (VX) Series is the industry’s first fully-integrated multi-service voiceswitch with Any-to-Any gateway functionality, creating a next-generation solution for enterprise VoIP enablement.

  • Enterprise VoIP and telephony integration for Unified Messaging and Unified Communications
  • Integrated, multi-function voice switch
  • Intelligent Session Border Controller
  • Vendor Independent Remote Survivability
  • Extensive call system interoperability
  • True telecom traffic management
  • Advanced call security
  • Expandable platform with optional software modules
  • Enables intelligent, flexible, lower cost VoIP and Mobility.




Series products are based on high-performance networking platforms that provide high-grade data transfer between SANs and WANs and secure grid computing. NET partnered with Bay MicroSystems to develop an agile, high-speed exchange platform that enables geographically distributed computing and storage resources to operate as if they were co-located within the same LAN or data center.

The NX1000 joins NET’s NX Series adding multi-service aggregation to the NX5010’s high speed transport. The NX1000 fits well into tactical and first-responder applications as well as supporting applications for high speed serial or legacy migration to IP, IP-based satellite transport, and tactical to fixed site connectivity.



MultiPath Architecture Technology

NET’s Tenor VoIP solutions also eliminate the risk of complex implementation by providing the simplest, most unobtrusive installation of any VoIP product on the market. Tenor sits between the PBX and PSTN, sending whichever types of calls they choose to your IP network. A simplified, intuitive interface makes it easy to select which calls go where – and to modify that selection as confidence in VoIP increases. Little or no re-configuration of existing equipment is required.

Since Tenor Switches work with your existing router and PBX configurations, you don’t have to shoulder the risk of a major infrastructure overhaul. And you can continue fine-tuning your calling parameters to maximize your VoIP savings.



netMS™ provides a robust element management system concurrently developed with NET platforms with a comprehensive, unified and consolidated management interface for NET mission-critical converged voice and data networks for enterprises, service providers and government agencies. netMS™ is an all-JAVA management system with an easy-to-use graphical user interface that allows our customers to make the best use of network management personnel resources to productively and cost-effectively manage, monitor, configure and provision NET networks.