This software suite is offering you modern solution developed with the latest Microsoft .NET technology. It automates your everyday work and enables you fast and simple access to all the information nesessary for your work.

  • All in one solution
  • Centralized management
  • Nomination
  • Easy to use
  • Up-to-date information
  • Connect with the existing working environment
  • Protection system
  • Flexibility


Номинис архитектура


NOMINUS enables simple and effective monitoring of your business accounting. Every module has the ability to function as an independent application. This architecture enables you to customize the application for your needs. The following modules are part of NOMINIS:

NOMINIS MR – Warehouse

  • Following the movement of the articles together with their quantity and use of NSSR standards
  • Standard reports – informations about article history, reserves, total balance
  • Periodical reports by document types

NOMINIS MK – Accounting

  • Automatic integration with the data from NOMINIS MR (working with a warehouse)
  • Making calculation in Denars or foreign currencies.
  • Creating Invoices
  • Standard and custum reports

NOMINIS M – Retail

This product gives you total control over your sells. Get reports and statistics on what items sale.

  • Alerts on expired products (dairy products, meat etc.),
  • Product Management (price, quantity etc.)
  • Daily and periodical reports on sales, payments, items in stock etc.

NOMINIS ETM – Merchant Book

  • Automated data transfer from your retail stores
  • All the forms that you need for legal purpose are build-in
  • Periodical reports

NOMINIS FK – Accounting

  • Entry Financials orders
  • Views analytical and synthetic, gross balance, locked sheet, preview for monitoring clients
  • Searching by facture number, and preview for open (unpaid) and closed (paid) items
  • Opportunity for automatic creation of orders from other modules


NOMINIS OS – Capital Assets

  • Recording capital assets
  • Calculation for uncalculated and calculated amortization, revaluation
  • Preview of calculations and assets card

NOMINIS SI – Small Inventory

  • Monitoring purchase and borrowing small Inventory
  • Cards for assets and supplies
  • Periodical preview

NOMINIS PE – Personal Recording

  • Recording employee data
  • Previews on various modalities
  • Additional records(borrowing HTZ equipment, attended trainings and seminars, evaluation of the quality of work)

NOMINIS P – Salaries

  • Recording monthly calculation parameters
  • Monthly data for employees(net hours, absences, special fees)
  • Monthly and periodic previews in accordance with the laws and other previews for easy monitoring
  • Preparing files for external institutions

NOMINIS BR –  Cahs-Desk

  • Possibility of  actuation  more cash-desk
  • Record borrowing by individuals and by types of entries
  • Periodical preview


NOMINIS AET – Analytical Cost Evidence

  • Recording costs by documents, with the possibility of actuation by locations and subgroups costs
  • Periodic reviews by type of costs and clients